Hallo i’m back – Moving Site from Tumblr to WordPress

Halo!!! i am back, honestly i was totally forgot about this blog that’s why i made a new one on Tumblr instead of wordpress, and sure that’s another “new one” since i already deleted all of my old account which related with kpop thingy *kick me*

yupp here i am,,, and i am laughing so hard after i remember this wordpress account, and more laughing like crazy after i re-read the old post!!! BUAHAHAHAHHA ,, sure everythings were about kpop thingy.. =]

nah,, FYI i already left those hobby eh,, hehehe and after left kpop thingy i started back to getting crazy with my OLD HOBBY like reading a book, watched west movie and series and watch Soccer! hallo MILAN! i’m back and i’m yours!!! hahaha

okee since i have a lot of free time after i left kpop thingy, i want to back to blogging, and i choose tumblr,, but since tumblr really make me angry with a lot of lag, crash and super slow issues ,,, so i’m back to this wordpress ,,

ahhh it means i have to move some of my tumblr post to this blog hikss,,, hope it won’t take a long time,,

so.,.. hallloo welcome back XD


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